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Information for parents

  • These internships will boost your son’s professional carrier drastically, and even more if it involves spending time abroad.
  • Internationalisation and practical experiencea are important intrinsic factors for this job. With time, good job positions are becoming more and more competitive, and highly skilled professionals are demanded.
  • Spain is within the 25 safest countries in the world.
  • People here are very hospitable, respectful of human rights, highly tolerant, we appreciate different ideas, and scrutinise inequality.
  • NEXUS has signed multiple educational cooperation agreements with the Universities from the students who apply to our programme. Therefore, we are committed to fulfil all obligations exposed in the aforementioned agreements.
  • Among our most important commitments we find:
    • The student will be provided with legal accommodation in Spain.
    • NEXUS offers among it’s services, and included within the price, a monitoring service to offer support, and keep up with the students all throughout the internship.

Nexus has an office in Spain, with a person exclusively in charge of the tracking and monitoring all the students, committed to offer solutions to possible conflicts, or to resolve any incidents that might occur in the country where the internship is carried out.

We will inform you upon your son’s arrival and after their departure in Spain of all the paperwork that must be satisfied. Our team counts with law graduates that can assist you at any stage of the process (obtaining the visa, NIE/TIE numbers, registration of residency, obtaining a social security number, etc.), and resolve as many enquires you might have throughout the internship.

  • About the visa: All students who apply to our programme are told about the requirements to obtain the visa. However, your son / daughter will probably require your collaboration. To learn
    about how visas are granted and the documentation required, contact us and we will inform you personally.
¿Are you over 18 years old or over?¿Do you study a degree in tourism, gastronomy, hotel management, or public administration?

Do you want to find out what Spain has to offer?

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