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    Spanish and Mediterranean cuisinePatisserie, confectionery and new baking techniquesWine tasting and pairingRevenue management and community manager

    Michelin Experience

    IMPORTANT: Remember you can only apply to this programme if you are a student. Upon your application, Nexus will send you the relevant information to carry out your internship, which requires the signature of your university.

    ["Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine (Michelin)". "Patisserie, confectionery and new baking techniques. (Michelin)"]

    Payment method

    The payment will be made through a bank transfer. You can request the details at: cursos@nexusmobility.es, or contact the NEXUS office in your country.

    • Deadline for application: Until the 19th of May, 2017.

    • Deadline for course payment: Until the 31st of May, 2017.

    • In case of a cancellation, the following will be charged:

      • Cancellations before May 20th, 2017: 100% refund of the amount payed until the date.

      • Cancellations from May 21st, 2017 onwards: No refunds will be done.

    • The registration will only be completed and formalised once the payment is done before the deadline.

    • NEXUS has the right to postpone or cancel the undertaking of course if we do not have a minimum number of participants.

    • Consequently, 15 days beforehand, NEXUS will confirm via email all the people who formalised their application. If the course was cancelled, the applicant will be able to:

      • Either apply for another course of your interest, whose execution has been confirmed

      • Or request a full request of the amount payed up to the date. This will be done by NEXUS on a maximum of 20 DAYS since the formal request has been carried out by the applicant.

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